Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Reflecting on who I am

Manukura Hui - workshop 1, day 2


Part of our learning today has been about looking at what we value and what our values are.  As a group we had a deck of cards with different values on them and we had to collective get the deck down to just 10 cards of what we value the most - a very challenging task!  Hearing the discussions between our group about what we value and why was great for opening my eyes to the different perspectives and beliefs of others while at the same time identifying and clarifying what is important to me and why.

After this task, we had to draw a 'Tree of ME' ( I chose to do mine digitally so you can already see what I value shining through in that decision!).

In the leaves of the tree we were asked to write a few things that describe us and our roles.  Across the trunk, we had to write 3 things that describe the type of leader we are or want to be and in the roots we had to identify approximately 6 or so things we value.

You can see on the left side I have also bullet pointed some of my perceived strengths and on the right side, some of the things I have identified that are needs, next steps or skills I would like to strengthen.

So what?

Reflecting on who I am, what is important to me and why and how this influences the strengths I bring to the table is important in developing and growing my leadership as an effective leader. It is critical for leaders to know who they are so they can understand why others should be led by them.  

If I don't believe in myself as a leader, then why should anyone else?

We need to see and accept the differences we all bring to the table - different skills, knowledge, values and experiences.  

"We hire people for their skills but the whole person turns up".    Denise R Green

What now?

Some actions for me to achieve...
I will re-visit my appraisal/leadership goals and determine where I can add some actions to start to address the areas of myself I have identified in the Tree of Me that I would like to strengthen.  I would also like to seek some feedback from staff, whānau, BoT and students around what they perceive to be my strengths and areas to strengthen so I can see if they align or something else bubbles to the surface.  Finally I would like to model that I am too a learner and have goals that I am working towards, so I will share my appraisal goals with my staff and community.

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