Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Provisional essay plan

In preparation for the first assignment due in a few weeks for EDEM630, this blogpost is a provisional essay plan.

  • What is my goal for writing this essay?
My goal for writing this essay is to fully articulate and make sense of different change models and how my own school context and the changes that we are moving towards or immersed in, can been influenced or understood through the change models identified.  Ideally, one of my goals is to use the knowledge I have gained from understanding these change models to lead a more effective change process at Cobham.
  • What information do I need to include?
I need to include a wide range of relevant sources that will influence and support my own thinking in relation to my school context.  I will need to align these to the changes that are currently happening and are planned for in the future at Cobham.
  • How will the information be organised?
I will use the assessment rubric and outline of what is required to shape the content of my assignment.
  • What is the personal change context you would like to focus on?
The personal change context for my essay will be the introduction of BYOD to Cobham Intermediate and the support structures that are needed to ensure the most successful and effective BYOD programme possible.
  • What is the central thesis or key question you aim to answer drawing on the research on change with digital technology in education?
My topic of research is "What support needs to be provided to ensure a successful BYOD programme?"
  • What are the main themes you plan to address in the body of your essay (bullet points)?
 - What different areas of support need to be considered?
 - How has the issue of equity been addressed?
 - What have the key contributing factors been for other schools who consider their BYOD       programmes to be successful?
 - Where, who, when and how can schools access the necessary support needed to implement a successful BYOD programme?
  • What conclusions do you anticipate?
I anticipate that there will be several different areas that need support to be put in place, for example, staff and student professional development, community consultation and infrastructure.  I also expect that there will be a large investment needed by schools in terms of funding and time to ensure the successful implementation of a BYOD programme.


  1. Hi Tamara, this is a great, purposeful context to research. At my school, the year 7/8's have started their BYOD program this year. It was 2 years in the making! Lots of preparation of infrastructure and community/parental liaison was needed. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Lauren, I appreciate your supportive comment!

  2. Hi Tamara
    It is great to see another BYOD'er. We are also thinking about heading in that direction and I have read various bits and pieces that point out both the good and the bad of the idea. It seems to me that we will need to be mindful of all stakeholders as we launch into the implementation of the structure to support BYOD throughout the school. Watch-this-space.

    1. Yes, the involvement of all the key stakeholders is essential. I believe, like with all major school changes, that the way leadership approaches and plans for the change is critical to the success of the change. Time is needed to consult, discuss, debate, trial, change and track what is happening, but more importantly, why. Keeping the why at the centre of everything you do - have you seen Simon Sinek's work https://www.startwithwhy.com/ - this was very helpful and a fantastic platform to base any change on.

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  4. Yes like Lauren said this is a purposeful context and one that is very dear to my heart too. We started BYOD this year in two classes but the lead up to it was very much less than ideal. Which has meant that there has been much confusion and frustration. For my study I am also looking at this context so I look forward to seeing your developments as we progress. Enjoy:)

  5. Kia ora Rachel - that's awesome that you also are focusing on BYOD, I am really pleased to see some many teachers looking at this as their focus, or at at least sharing with me their own school's journey re BYOD. It interests me too as to why BYOD seems to be so relevant for us all, is it just because of the time, we are all experiencing the change right now, or is it deeper than that. I know my school is experiencing many major changes but BYOD was my first and obvious choice. Why? To be completely honest, it is because of the issues we still face trying to get everything running smoothly in relation to infrastructure, management of devices and teacher PD. Would I be accurate in assuming this is also why others have chosen BYOD? Or is it just a coincidence and we have all chosen it for many varied but relevant differences? I look forward to finding out through everyones mahi!