Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lifelong learner in action!

I have a passion for learning that has been with me right throughout my life.  And because of this, I have not gone longer than 1 year without doing some kind of personal study or learning since I started kindy. Some might say I am a glutton for punishment, which is true, but the truth is I get restless easy and once I finish or achieve a goal, I am eager to begin the next.  So when I started my Masters of Education in 2010, I knew that I would keep going, (even with several new jobs, new babies and new houses to deal with) until I graduated and received the qualification I have spent thousands of dollars and I don't want to even acknowledge how many hours on!

This year I am studying part-time again as I am working full time.  All going well, come December, I will have completed my Masters of Education!  The reason I am sharing this with you, is firstly to promote lifelong learning as adults and the continuation of study through the varied institutions available.  Secondly, one of my papers that starts this term, requires me to blog about the course learning so rather than start a new blog, I will be blogging right here as it fits perfectly with the kaupapa of 'learning out loud', links directly to my work at Cobham as well as my obvious interest in educational change, the effective use of digital technologies and a shift to 'modern learning pedagogies or practice'.

Have I hooked some of you?  If so, here is where you can find out more about the two courses I am completing this year through the University of Canterbury:

EDEM682 - Transforming Education in Canterbury

EDEM630 - Change with Digital Technologies in Education

Check it out and perhaps think about taking the dive next year yourself....I know you are busy, we all are, but the challenge, the achievement and the learning experiences are worth it.  Be a role model for your kids, push yourself, make it happen and share your learning!


  1. Hi Tamara. Inspiring blogpost. Im definitely looking to start studying towards a masters next year. Doing some research into the best uni to do this with through distance- definitely want to focus on transformative education and leadership. Are you are happy with the offerings though Canterbury?

    1. Kia ora Karyn, yes I am really happy with the courses I am doing & the others that were available...wish I had more time as it is a huge commitment but I love that the 2 I am doing are a mix of blended and 100% online as it really meets my needs in terms of when I can participate due to work & kids etc.

  2. Hi Tamara-I am also a DP but at a small school in Hokitika. I teach yr 7/8. I am trying to complete EDEM 628 and 630 this year as well as Acting Principal this term (3). I hope I can manage it all!
    Reading your blog is inspirational and you look like you are well in control:) unlike how I feel often!

    1. Kia ora Rachel, thanks for you comment, nice to 'meet' you! Great that you are also doing the same course - it sounds like it will be as huge a task for you too with your new role this term. And don't be fooled, I very rarely feel like I am well in control - I just happen to like chaos :)