Friday, July 8, 2016

Ditch the desk and dance staff challenge!

Video: DTDAD Cobham Intermediate Staff 2016Video: Video: DTDAD Cobham Intermediate Staff 2016 — by Sophie Crawford

This term all of the tamariki at Cobham Intermediate School have participated in the Ditch the Desk and Dance challenge..and the staff responded!

Throughout Term 2 we have thoroughly enjoyed watching every class give a Ditch the Desk and Dance performance at our school assemblies.  They have been amazing and our kids looked great and competed beautifully!  

In response the staff decided it would be heaps of fun to create our own DTDAD video and we are throwing the challenge out to all other schools in Aotearoa too - if you think your staff can ditch their desks and dance as good as us, then we want to see it! 

Upload your staff dance vids and share via social media under the hashtag #dtdad16 #staffdanceoff

Bring your A game - we are ready for it!

By Tamara Bell

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